Monday, January 23, 2017

True Love: Dutch Baby (German Pancake)

When we were first married, I made Dutch Babies quite often. I had a recipe from a little holiday book (which I now cannot find), but remember making them and feeling like a bona fide married person.

Dutch Baby (German pancake) recipe
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Dutch Baby (German pancake) recipe
A Dutch Baby, or German pancake, is a big, one-skillet pancake. It poofs in the oven, then deflates to a silky, eggy, beautiful pancake with crispy edges. Dutch Babies are typically served with powdered sugar and lemon.

The first Dutch Baby I'd ever eaten was from this breakfast place in Dallas about 20 years ago. They served a gorgeous Dutch Baby (now I want to hop in my car and drive to Dallas), and it was presented with powdered sugar and lemon. The lemon always threw me and I don't think I ever used it at the restaurant. I thought lemon was for fish only. Ha.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sweet on Trader Joe's Saturday : Sponge Candy

This week we're reviewing Trader Joe's Sponge Candy. We'd never seen it in store before, so of course, that meant we had to immediately buy a package.

Weekly review of Trader Joe's sweets and desserts from a mom and teenager perspective. This week: Trader Joe's Sponge Candy.
Trader Joe's Sponge Candy comes in an 8-ounce package and costs $3.49. The package says it's "sugar candy covered in milk chocolate" and "made in small batches." 

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends Latest Post : Simple Rosemary Focaccia

Bread. Homemade bread. Fresh-from-the-oven homemade bread.
(This is called my happy place.)

simple rosemary focaccia
Today on The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends I'm sharing a recipe for simple rosemary focaccia. Focaccia is about the easiest bread you can make...and pretty fast, too, for a yeast bread.

simple rosemary focaccia
Can we talk about those little divots pooled with olive oil???

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